Italiano Francese Spagnolo Tedesco  

G.D.M. was set up in 1999 as a structural steel workshop based on an idea by Giuseppe Di Mauro and Michela Cortesi.

For fifteen years all their energy was concentrated on developing the workforce in the manufacture and repair of equipment for machine tools.

Having achieved excellent results and on the strength of experience gained in the earth moving industry, G.D.M. finally felt ready to enter the market as a manufacturer. The path to the future started from this point onwards.

In 2014, the company took over the Romea corporate brand which was already well known in Italy. It planned and implemented a project for renewal and expansion, moving its headquarters to a new production plant occupying about 2,000 m2, fitted with cutting-edge equipment and technology. It expanded its technical department, bringing in latest-generation software in order to draw up tailor-made projects with precision and reliability.

G.D.M., however, had broader ambitions and the shareholders responded by drawing up a carefully thought-out and structured internationalisaton plan for company to enable it to target international markets as well, with the best tools possible, without fear of competition.

In 2016, the implementation and management phase of the company’s quality system concluded with the achievement of ISO 9001:2015 certification.